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The FM-New7, a revision of the FM-7

The FM-7 was a home computer created by Fujitsu, first released in 1982 and sold only in Japan. It was a stripped down version of the earlier FM-8, which was aimed primarily at businesses.

The FM-7 is 6809-based, similarly to the TRS-80 Color Computer by Radio Shack; some software is compatible with both systems. However, the FM-7 featured two 6809 chips, dedicating one solely to the graphics.

It also features an enhanced version of Microsoft's Color BASIC called "F-BASIC". F-BASIC's additions to the standard Microsoft CoCo BASIC include the Japanese character set (katakana, and a few kanji), block graphics, three-voice music and the ability to have graphics appear on the default text screen.

Throughout the 80s, several models of the FM-7 were released, featuring slight improvements, with the most recent being released in 1988.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended
XM7 Multi-platform* V3.4L77SX
MAME Multi-platform 0.201

* The latest version is only available for Windows, but earlier versions are available for other platforms.

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