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Non-native Speaker

English is not my mother tongue. My English skill is capable of making most of the edits clear and readable, but sorry if you find misspellings, broken grammar, or strange expressions.


This is the SandBox for this user. Please ignore gibberish in it.


Name Supported Game/Hardware Recommended Remarks
TeknoParrot Various Some games require Patreon donation.
Jconfig Various Supports for each game are distributed separately.
PD-Loader Project Diva Arcade Future Tone
SegaTools SEGA Nu/ALLS System Supports for each game are distributed separately, besides minihook.dll is the universal one to provide minimal runtime environments.
SpiceTools Konami PC-based Despite being known as "Bemani game loader", it also supports many non-Bemani Konami games such as Road Fighter 3D.
BemaniTools PC-based Konami Bemani games Less user-friendly and doesn't support non-Bemani games, but provides supports for old Beatmania IIDX games and many corner case functionalities.
Supports for each game are distributed separately.
PumpTools Pump it Up (1st~NX Absolute)
amdaemon_emu SEGA Nu/ALLS System Internal tool of SEGA, but somehow leaked somehow by their own fault.
Doesn't support input mapping so not really useful for average users.