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This is the SandBox for this user. Please ignore gibberish in it.


Name Supported Game/Hardware Recommended Remarks
TeknoParrot Various Some games require Patreon donation.
Jconfig Various Supports for each game are distributed separately.
PD-Loader Project Diva Arcade Future Tone
SegaTools SEGA Nu/ALLS System Supports for each game are distributed separately, besides minihook.dll is the universal one to provide minimal runtime environments.
SpiceTools Konami PC-based Despite being known as "Bemani game loader", it also supports many non-Bemani Konami games such as Road Fighter 3D.
BemaniTools PC-based Konami Bemani games Less user-friendly and doesn't support non-Bemani games, but provides supports for old Beatmania IIDX games and many corner case functionalities.
Supports for each game are distributed separately.
PumpTools Pump it Up (1st~NX Absolute)
amdaemon_emu SEGA Nu/ALLS System Internal tool of SEGA, but somehow leaked somehow by their own fault.
Doesn't support input mapping so not really useful for average users.