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Using Mednafen[edit]

Maybe create a sub-section for every system that Mednafen supports, and one general section for common settings or something. It looks kinda confusing right now. --Jackos (talk) 08:31, 27 July 2014 (EDT)

PC-FX BIOS incorrectly named[edit]

Article says pcfx.rom, but file in 'Retroarch BIOS Pack' is named pcfx.bios. Unsure as to which file is the right one, so I'll leave it to someone with more experience with PC-FX emulation. Also, thanks for the amazing guide.

"All of these come with the RetroArch BIOS pack and are correctly named."

this is awful lmao[edit]

like this is actually unusable it cant even launch lol you call this a program?

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Second part of Width Corrections[edit]

The PS1 part doesn't work since the setting is a boolean value which is only 1 and 0. --LilShootDawg (talk) 12:22, 8 November 2019 (EST)

PSX Width Corrections[edit]

I can't speak for the other cores, but for psx, this information is actually wrong. It's true that the image isn't output at 4:3, but the reason for this is extra lines which would normally be cut off by the top and bottom of the tv (i.e. vertical overscan) is shown. So the picture isn't squished/stretched, it's made taller by adding extra height. The example pictures which show the square on the boot screen are incorrectly assuming the square is a perfect square. It should actually be distorted the way mednafen shows it by default. If you don't have a ps1 and crt to check for yourself there are several pictures and videos online. Here is one perfect exapmle I've found but there are several: Of course it also varies from tv to tv as they are all unique, point being though that on most if not all tvs, it wasn't perfectly square and that's not an accurate way to judge mednefan's video output.

I've verified this in-game as well. For example Resident Evil 2, look how close the top menu on the inventory screen is to the edge of the tv screen here: Here's a screenshot I took of the inventory menu in mednafen, you can see there is much more extra space vertically in the first one. If I crop the black bars on the sides and some of the extra top and bottom, guess what, it's 4:3:

Here's another with Metal Gear Solid. It actually outputs with small black bars on top and bottom, so the cropped version only removed a couple rows of pixels for the actual game, again 4:3:

Long story short, the best thing to do is leave the width for psx as is. If you really want it to be a 4:3 screen you shouldn't change the xscale value as that will stretch it. Instead you should edit the psx.start & psx.slend values so mednafen will essentially crop the lines you don't want. I'm not sure about this but I think it might need to be done on a per-game basis so it's certainly not optimal.

Leaving this as a comment here rather than editing as I'm sure this wiki has been maintained by a dedicated team and I don't wanna just come in and step on someone else's turf and start an editing war. This way is easier to explain what I found and hopefully someone sees it and makes the changes


This is only a minor thing, but I felt I should point out that the BIOS files don't actually need to be placed in the firmware folder as long as the config file (mednafen.cfg) is updated with the correct filepath (i.e. the line "filesys.path_firmware firmware" should be changed to "filesys.path_firmware {whatever the filepath is}" - in my case, it's "filesys.path_firmware D:\Games\Emulation\Firmware"). It's a trivial thing, but I suspect I'm not the only person who likes to keep all their BIOS files in one place! XD 09:58, 8 April 2024 (UTC)