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'''<u>''Firstly, stop using [[ePSXe]] and use''</u> [[PCSX-Reloaded|PCSX-R]].'''
'''<u>''First, stop using [[ePSXe]] and use''</u> [[PCSX-Reloaded|PCSX-R]].'''

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First, stop using ePSXe and use PCSX-R.


  • Having problems? Try these settings.
    3D: PEOPS OpenGL 1.78 - Comes with PCSX-R. Has an anti-jitter function labeled "GTE accuracy", and allows driver-forced AA.
  • OpenGL 2.9 - Use if you run into problems with 1.78, or want to use shaders. It allows you to set a custom rendering resolution for within the fullscreen box, aka window resolution.
  • 2D: gpuBladeSoft 1.41 - Very accurate and has a lot of options for enhancements and shaders, but renders everything on CPU so can be very demanding at high resolutions. Fairly buggy past native rendering resolution as well, with texture misalignment issues and whatnot.



  • LilyPad latest SVN(For those of you completely confused by this link, the plugin is with the emulator, go into the plugin folder and pull out the file that says lilypad.dll and put it in the emulator your plan on using's plugin folder)   Set keyboard input to raw while you're at it. For PCSX-R's hotkeys, since Windows Messaging input kills them.
  • Pokopom Xinput Pad Plugin

Use the following if you want to use a PS3 controller. Otherwise the default plugins or the ones previously listed should work fine


Don't use simulated BIOS, download and use a real BIOS. Pretty much any BIOS file in that package will work.

No plugins

These PS1 emulators do not use plugins, in case you want something that 'just works'.