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Developer(s) Luke Usher
Latest version v1
Active No
Platform(s) Windows, macOS, Linux
Emulates NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, N64, WS, SMS, GG, GEN, PCE, NGP, NGPC, MSX, COL , PS1, ZX Spectrum
Compatibility High for most systems
Accuracy System-dependent
Website polyblast.co.uk
License Proprietary

PolyBlast is a discontinued closed-source, multi-system emulator.



  • currently offline, see below


PolyBlast was a closed-source fork of ares, featuring an alternative user-interface and additional emulation cores that were not present in either ares or higan.

Compared to ares[edit]

PolyBlast contained all the same emulation cores as ares does, with the addition of ZX Spectrum emulation, but allowed for complex customisation options (nested peripherals, computer expansion slots/devices, etc) that are unavailable from the simple ares user interface.

Compared to higan[edit]

PolyBlast included emulation cores that are not available in higan, and retained higan's high level of configurability, presenting it in a simple menu-driven user-interface, rather than the tree system.

Hiatus and Termination[edit]

As of July 06 2021, PolyBlast was on indefinite hold as its author is now the new maintainer of ares upstream. As of September 2021, the PolyBlast website was taken down.