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Developer(s) woesss
Latest version 0.81+MC_0.98.8
Active Yes
Platform(s) Android
Emulates Java 2 Micro Edition
Support ($) PayPal


Programmed in Java
License Apache 2.0
Source code GitHub

JL-Mod is an experimental mod of J2ME Loader with support for games Developed for the 3D engine "Mascot Capsule V3".


Released in 2020, the emulator is currently capable of playing around lot of games, more than 97% of the J2ME Library. This is the experimental mod of the J2ME Loader app with Mascot Capsule 3D V3 support. Has some new and experimental features. Converts .jar files offline using its own resources. Easily launches both 2D & 3D apps. Samsung & Nokia API implemented. Supports different keyboard layouts and customization. It is highly accurate, with the right frame rate for each game, as well as vibration. Has slightly improved performance through hardware acceleration, but games won't run too fast. Runs almost every Nokia game, even ones that don't work with KEmulator or FreeJ2ME, as well as Sony Ericsson 3D engine V3 (Mascot Capsule).



In the mod, some settings are changed. The original "J2ME Loader" may not work correctly with games, templates and settings installed or configured by the mod. In order to not have to reinstall, reconfigure it is better to backup, copy and not specify the "J2ME-Loader" working directory at all.

List of Mod changes:

- Select a working directory.

- Store app database in a working directory.

- Indicators of the selected button colors in the settings.

- Templates are renamed to "Profiles".

- Assigning any profile as standard (when saving or in the profiles window).

- Adding, editing and set as standard in the window of the profiles list.

- 1 sec. limit for force close of the MiDlet.

- Confirmation dialogs when reinstalling existing ones.

- Choice of encoding is transferred to individual settings, a selection button from all supported by the system.

- Buttons shape setting has been moved to the individual, a variant with rounded corners has been added.

- Changed keyboard editing: fixed: drag and drop buttons; added: separate scaling on horizontally and vertically (can be made rectangular or oval).

- The "System Properties" field has been moved to the end of the settings, unlimit on the number of displayed lines, display of all parameters added by the emulator.

- Add support of external filters (shaders). Only shaders for PPSSPP (same format) are supported To use, you need to put them in the `shaders` folder in the working folder of the emulator, further in the game settings, select the graphics output mode: "HW acceleration (OpenGL ES)" and select the shader of interest A small collection of compatible shaders can be taken in this repository: PPSSPP_Shaders

Support for Mascot Capsule 3D V3 (alpha build):

the implementation is not complete, somewhere a curve, little tested

Main problems:

special effects are partially implemented - therefore, the color rendition may differ from the original.

Point sprites (usually used to display the simplest objects) are not fully implemented, if somewhere they are displayed differently than in the original - please inform. In some games (seen in "Medal of Honor") the 3D scene may not be displayed due to overlapping 2D background.

Try adding the following line to the System Parameters field: micro3d.v3.render.no-mix2D3D: true If it doesn't help, please report this game to Issue or another way.

Another one parameter turns on the texture filter (built into OpenGL), but this can generate distortion in the form of capturing extra texels at the edges of polygons: micro3d.v3.texture.filter: true without this parameter, the quality of textures is as close as possible to the original and looks more vintage.


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