GameMagic S60

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GameMagic S60
GameMagic S60.jpg
Developer(s) Anonymous
Latest version 1.2.1
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates J2ME (S60v1)
Website Official
Programmed in Java
License Closed-source

GameMagic S60 is a dead payware ($) emulator for Windows. It emulates J2ME (S60v1 only) games with low compatibility.


  • Interactive Play: To play games, click on the phone key of the phone skin. It gives you the true feeling of exactly how they appear on a Nokia phone.
  • Device Management: Change phone skins (3650 / 7650) while playing a game to give the feel of using different phones.
  • Game Management: J2ME games are packed as JAR files. Browse for the files and folders in TreeView then JAR files will show up in ListView. Simply click on the .JAR you want to run, the game will be shown in the right phone screen.
  • Keyboard Mapping: Use NUM PAD keys on your keyboard to control the games. Make sure NUM LOCK on your keyboard is turned ON to access the controls.
  • Sound Support: MIDI, and Wave sound playback from mobile games are supported.


  1.2.1 ($)