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|website = [https://ares-emulator.github.io ares-emulator.github.io]
|website = [https://ares-emulator.github.io ares-emulator.github.io]
|license = Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license
|license = Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license
|source = [https://github.com/higan-emu/ares GitHub]
|source = [https://github.com/ares-emulator/ares GitHub]
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|'''[https://github.com/higan-emu/ares/releases Official releases]'''
|'''[https://github.com/ares-emulator/ares/releases Official releases]'''

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Developer(s) Near (formerly known as byuu), LukeUsher
Latest version v126
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x64
Emulates NES, SNES, N64, GB, GB/GBC, GBA, WS, SG, SMS/GG, GEN, PSX, PCE, NG AES, NGP, NGPC, MSX, CV, Pocket Challenge V2
Website ares-emulator.github.io
License Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license
Source code GitHub

ares is a free and open-source, multi-system emulator. It is a descendent of higan and bsnes, and focuses on accuracy and preservation.


Windows macOS Official releases

Linux Flatpak

ArchLinux AUR


ares began development on October 14th, 2004. It is available under the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license, which is a permissive license that is functionally similar to the BSD and MIT licenses. It used to be under the terms of the Creative Commons (CC) BY-NC-ND 4.0 license, which it made the ares emulator a non-commercial software that does not permit publishing modifications (forks) online. The reason for this was to prevent splintering development between higan and ares. The change from the Creative Commons license to the ISC license was made before Near tragically passed away.


  • Native multi-platform UI
  • Adaptive sync
  • Dynamic rate control
  • Save states
  • Run-ahead
  • Rewind and fast-forward
  • Pixel shaders
  • Color correction
  • 6th-order IIR audio filtering
  • Input multi-mapping
  • Built-in games database
  • Debugger