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{{Infobox console
{{Infobox console
|title = Apple II
|title = Apple ][
|logo = AppleIIwithdd.png
|logo = AppleIIwithdd.png
|image = A2p.png
|image = A2p.png
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|discontinued = November 1993
|discontinued = November 1993
|predecessor = [[Apple I emulators|Apple I]]
|predecessor = [[Apple I emulators|Apple I]]
|successor = [[Apple III emulators|Apple III]]
|successor = [[Apple III emulators|apple ///]]
|emulated = {{✓}}
|emulated = {{✓}}

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Apple ][
Apple IIe 001b.jpg
Apple IIc with monitor.jpg
Apple IIc Plus (front).jpg
First, Apple ][.
Second, Apple ][+.
Third, Apple //e.
Fourth, Apple IIc.
Fifth, Apple //e Enhanced.
Sixth, Apple //e Platinum.
Seventh, Apple IIc Plus.
Developer Apple Computer, Inc.
Type Computers
Release date June 1977
Discontinued November 1993
Predecessor Apple I
Successor apple ///

The Apple ][ line of computers is the line that put Apple on the map and is now one of Apple's most successful line of computers. It was released in June of 1977 and was discontinued in November of 1993. Steve Wozniak wanted to make a computer that was, "...small, reliable, convenient to use and inexpensive."


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Apple ][ Emulation Apple ][+ Emulation Apple //e Emulation Apple IIc Emulation Apple //e Enhanced Emulation Apple //e Platinum Emulation Apple IIc Plus Emulation Active Recommended
MAME Multi-platform 0.231
AppleWin Windows v1.27.12.0
DarcNES Multi-platform 9b0401/9b0313
KEGS Windows v0.91 ?
BizHawk Windows 2.3.1 ? ?
WiiApple Wii 0.07 ? ?
Apple II Portable PlayStation Portable 0.1-0173
A2DS Nintendo DS ?
AppleIIjs Web Browser (Java) ?
Virtual Apple II Web Browser 4.5


Apple ][

The Apple ][ was released in June of '77 and retailed for $1,298 ($5,407.66 in 2018 money) and had a 6502 CPU at 1.023 MHz, 4KB of RAM, a cassette tape for storage, a 1-bit speaker, 7 expansion slots, it's keyboard was only uppercase, a low-res 40x48 16-color graphics mode, and a hi-res 280x192 6-color graphics mode.

Apple ][+

The Apple ][+ was released in June of '79 and retailed for $1,195 ($4,179.77 in 2018 money) and had the same 6502 CPU, 16KB of RAM, the same graphics modes, speaker, expansion slots, and keyboard as the original.

Apple //e

The Apple //e was released in January of '83 and had the same CPU and expansion slots as the Apple ][, 64KB of RAM, had a full ASCII keyboard, it introduced the double-low-resolution graphics mode which had a resolution of 80x48 in 16-color, and a double-high-resolution of 560×192 in 16 colors.

Apple IIc

The Apple IIc was released on April 24, 1984 and retailed for $1,295 ($3,176.39 in 2018 money) and had a 65C02 CPU at 1.023 MHz, 128KB of RAM, same graphics modes, speaker, as the Apple //e, it had built-in storage, and a built in 140KB single sided 5.25-inch floppy drive. It did not have any expansion slots.

Apple //e Enhanced

The Apple //e Enhanced was released in March of '85 and was a Apple //e but with a 65C02 CPU at 1.023 MHz.

Apple //e Platinum

The Apple //e Platinum was just an Apple //e Enhanced but with a full numeric keypad and 128KB of RAM.

Apple IIc Plus

The Apple IIc Plus was released in April of '88 and retailed for $675 ($1,424.85 in 2018 money) and had a 65C02 CPU at 1MHz or 4MHz (it was user selectable for older programs), 8KB SRAM cache, same RAM, graphics modes, speaker as the Apple //e Platinum, and a built in 800KB double sided 3.5-inch floppy drive.

Apple Inc.
1998 apple logo.png
Desktop: Apple IApple ][ Line (Apple IIGS) • apple /// LineLisaMacintosh line
Mobile: iPodiOS