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Developer(s) hikari no yume (光の夢〜hikari's dream〜dream of light)
Last version 0.2.2 [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Architecture(s) x86-64, AArch64
Emulates iOS
Website Official website
Support ($) Liberapay
Source code Github

touchHLE is a free and open-source iOS emulator which emulates 32-bit versions of iOS. iPhoneOS 2.x is currently supported, with 3.x and later (including iPad apps) to also be supported in the future.


Windows macOS Android 0.2.2


Unlike most previous attempts at emulating iOS, touchHLE does not require the use of a firmware dump, instead providing its own implementation of the system frameworks (e.g. Foundation, UIKit, OpenGL ES, OpenAL, etc.). The author developed the emulator to run early iOS games due to newer devices being unable to run older games in many cases and the difficulty of installing delisted games. The author has stated the emulator will never support 64-bit apps, largely due to the more cynical business strategies adopted by game developers in the mid-2010s such as developing games around a live-service model e.g. with microtransactions and loot boxes among others, not to mention that many of these games have received ports to Android devices anyway, making iOS emulation solutions for those apps moot point.

Accelerometer support is included. However, this only applies to devices with a built-in accelerometer; a controller is required to simulate an accelerometer.

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