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I definitely had a LOT of fun reading these forum threads:

Even setting the whole matter of dispute aside, it's quite obvious that the PCSX2 developers fully exposed themselves as being utterly dependent on Microsoft's agenda of pushing through their latest operating systems without any regard to their quality or stability. The fact later confirmed by one of the devs in the second thread... Who, with all respect, could've at least said it a little earlier to avoid the unnecessary drama.

It doesn't take a genius psychologist to see the patterns: all this patronizing, aggressive-defensive behavior of the community leaders towards users who simply express their opinion which happens to differ from what was expected by the devs. They instantly treat people who still use Windows 7 as lunatics or criminals. Then there's this inversive sophistry, calling experienced people who care about their systems 'kids' and implying that rejecting a spyware product is something previously unheard of, when the real issue here is with the product itself, not the people who reject it, of course.

All this unease, toxic touchiness towards very basic, simple observations (like in the beginning of the second thread) and the 'tinfoil hat' insults only make one wonder - maybe the PCSX2 team DO have something to hide from the end users, and the decision to drop Windows 7 support did not come solely from the technical standpoint... They certainly do not want people to think this was the case, but evidently they tried too hard and ended up confiriming just the opposite. Shows you that being a 'conspiracy theorist' is loads better than staying an ignorant sheep. 09:25, 24 December 2023 (UTC)