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Xbox emulators

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Since May 2017, serious strides have been happening in the Xbox emulation scene with Cxbx-Reloaded and XQEMU making major progress. Cxbx-Reloaded went in-game for ''Jet Set Radio Future'' with a somewhat decent framerate.<ref name="Bahax Emulation">{{cite web|url=|title=Cxbx Reloaded - JSRF(Semi-Playable/35~60 FPS)|publisher=Youtube|accessdate=2018-05-11|date=2017-05-10}}</ref> Many more original Xbox games have been able to get in-game and, in some cases, at decent speeds on XQEMU.<ref name="Reddit">{{cite web|url=|title=XQEMU - more games ingame|publisher=Reddit|accessdate=2017-06-11|date=2017-05-23}}</ref><ref name="JGG_3">{{cite web|url= |title=XQEMU Xbox Emulator - MechAssault Ingame! |publisher=Youtube|accessdate=2018-06-23|date=2018-06-22}}</ref>
====PC====;[[xemu]]<small class="plainlinks" style="font-weight:normal;">([ compatibility])</small>: A low-level emulator by Matt Borgerson continuing much of the work done on [[XQEMU]]. Focuses on stability, performance, and ease of use. 600+ games are reported playable, See the [ official game compatibility list].;[[Cxbx-Reloaded]]<small class="plainlinks" style="font-weight:normal;">([ compatibility])</small>:A fork of [[Cxbx]] that's been having a good development momentum since mid-2016. It's built for x86_64 machines and includes a ton of improvements to its [[High/Low_level_emulation|HLE]] kernel, some from code originating in Dxbx and other related forks. While it has HLE support for the GPU and other parts (eg. audio) to make many games run fast, [ XQEMU's LLE implementation was introduced] in April 2018 and is expected to help even further. 150+ games are playable and 450+ games ingame. See [ this compatibility list] for more information.
;[[XQEMU]]: A low-level emulator based on [[QEMU]]. It can emulate the BIOS and many games at very slow speeds but is sometimes faster than Cxbx with acceptable graphics. Audio has not been tested but has been assumed to be emulated, just not forwarded to the audio hardware for some reason. See [ this compatibility list] that was taken from John GodGames' 2015 list, and [ this Google spreadsheet].
;[[StrikeBox]]: Beginning low-level emulator that just initializes an x86 system and runs whatever is in the ROM. Not much works for this currently. It was uploaded to GitHub on [ Dec 5, 2017] by mborgerson, a well-known XQEMU contributor who in early 2018 is still focused on streamlining XQEMU's QEMU codebase. So expect more progress from XQEMU than StrikeBox in the meantime.
;[[Cxbx]]<small class="plainlinks" style="font-weight:normal;">([ compatibility])</small>: One of the first Xbox emulators, started as an ahead-of-time compiler for Xbox executables. Can boot around 56 games, with around a dozen in an already playable state. See [ this compatibility list].
:;Dxbx: A port of Cxbx to Delphi, expanded with a redesigned symbol detection engine, and many rendering improvements, a new pixel shader converter, etc.
;Xeon: Can emulate Halo CE to the point where the first stage is semi-playable. The walls and ground are pitch black, and the game crashes after you complete the first stage or right after you select the difficulty on modern versions of Windows.

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