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|target = [[PlayStation 4 emulators|PlayStation 4]]
|compatibility = [ List] <small>(September 2021)</small>
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'''Spine''' is a compatibility layer developed for Linux that allows PlayStation 4 emulatorgames to work. The project is mostly largely developed in private developmentby a single developer, spinedev.
It is Spine's first public demo was the first PS4 emulator to be able to launch commercial games. A demo has More builds have since been available for some time but later, more builds got released and those ran which supports many more commercial titles . Its authenticity was verified by AlexAltea, an early contributor to [[RPCS3]] and maintainer of [[Orbital]].<ref>[ AlexAltea] on Reddit. "I've analyzed the Spine demo in-gameIDA Pro (reverse engineering tool), and everything checks out. It's obviously a very early release, lots of unimplemented parts, but it's real. More importantly, we have tested it locally and it works. "</ref>
==External linksReferences==* [ Compatibility list (September 2021)]{{reflist}}

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