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Category:Official Emulators

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This category contains emulators that are the target's original manufacturer either developedor endorsed. Unlike standard emulators, supported, endorsed or leaked these are usually not made as a free download by the manufacturer of the console being emulated(Nintendo, Sony, Sega, etc).since their purpose varies;
Emulators listed in this category are usually one of these:*Emulators used in They may have been developed for official downloadable re-releases (such as [[Virtual Console]] and [[Official Sony Emulators|PlayStation Network]]). Usually , and often support far more ROMs or ISOs can be swapped to make than what was bundled with them emulate other games.*Leaked emulators They may have been used during development as a means to test code but got leaked to the public (such as [[Ensata]], [[Dolphin (Nintendo)|Dolphin]], etc). They have low accuracy because they were intended , and only for support what was needed by the game developmentat the time.*A game They may contain have been developed as an easter egg, compilation, or unlockable minigame inside [[Emulators in Games|another video game]], usually used for compilation releases or used as unlockable minigamesand the odds of it supporting other ROMs is less likely.

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