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Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulators

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SameBoy has had mouse support since v0.12
====Game Boy-only emulators====
;[[SameBoy]]:A relatively new emulator, probably the most accurate Game Boy emulator currently. The UI is simplistic simple and lacks mouse supporteasy to use. It includes open source bootroms, although these can be replaced with real ones. Also emulates Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer.
;[[BGB]]:A closed-source emulator for Windows (and [[Wine]]) with excellent Game Boy and Game Boy Color accuracy, as well as near flawless link support. It has a wealth of options for color palettes and even enabling Super Game Boy colors and borders, though it doesn't emulate all of its functions. It also has an advanced debugger.
;[[Gambatte]]:Extremely accurate open-source Game Boy/Color emulator. It has a good range of options and features, though not quite as much as some other emulators. It has not been as active lately.

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