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Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulators

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Accessories: Support for the IZEK sewing machine has been added to GBE recently
* '''Barcode Boy:''' An obscure Japan-only barcode-scanning device released by Namcot (then-Namco's consumer division) in 1992. A total of 4 games were released to utilize this accessory. KiGB and GEST claim support for this device, but they only feed random data to Game Boy until the game accepts it as a valid barcode. GBE+ has [ proper emulation] with the ability to read barcodes from binary files.
* '''Barcode Taisen Bardigun:''' Another Japan only barcode-scanning device with the dedicated game. GBE+ [ supports this accessory].
* '''Singer Sewing Machine:''' There is link cable support for the Singer IZEK Digital Sewing Machine. The IZEK was unique in that it came bundled with a specially coloured Game Boy and a cartridge for interfacing with the machine.<ref name="IZEK_1">{{cite web|url=|title=Game Boy Part 2 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Jake of Vsauce3|publisher=Youtube|accessdate=2018-08-10|date=2014-05-24}}</ref><ref name="IZEK_2">{{cite web|url=|title=Singer IZEK Digital Sewing Machine - Gameboy Color Controller (Game Boy Color) Review|publisher=Youtube|accessdate=2018-08-10|date=2014-06-24}}</ref> No emulator supports this, mostly due to Despite the IZEK being a rare item's rarity, along with the complexity of implementing support for it has been added in a recent GBE+ release.<ref>[ Edge of Emulation: Game Boy Sewing Machines]</07/arduino-controlled-sewing-machine-increases-stitch-options/ similarly automated sewing machine].ref>

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