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Recommended PS1 plugins

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* PEOPS OpenGL 1.78 - Comes with [[PCSX-Reloaded|PCSX-R]]. Fork of the source release of an older version of Pete Bernert's GPU plugin. While it was the first plugin to add GTE accuracy and has many modern features, like arbitrary rendering resolutions, the core emulation doesn't seem to have improved over the years, at least not to the level of Pete's OpenGL2 2.9. Some time ago it was broken so that most games crash on Windows and was never fixed, though still works alright on Linux and macOS. Still, there's not much reason to use this over PeteOpenGL2Tweak, except for the fact that getting PeteOpenGL2Tweak to work on Linux or macOS is a major hassle, as it involves setting up 32bit support and compiling everything as 32bit so it can work with the closed source 2.9 plugin that only provides 32bit x86 binaries.
*[ Edgbla's gpuBladeSoft] <sup>[ homepage]</sup> - Latest with HD resolution support: [ 1.42a] - Mostly interesting for it's texture replacement feature, added in 1.44. [ A video] from the dev shows texture perspective correction working, but this has never been released. Other than texture replacement, there's not much reason to use this over [[Mednafen|mednafen-libretro]] (emulator) since it added increased IR, as they are both software renderers(slow) and Mednafen is more accurate. The configuration tool requires GTK3 runtime DLLs found [ here (link is dead)]
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