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Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulators

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The '''[[wikipedia:Game Boy|Game Boy]]''' (GB) and '''[[wikipedia:Game Boy Color|Game Boy Color]]''' (GBC) are 8-bit, fourth-generation handheld consoles released by Nintendo on July 31, 1989 and November 18, 1998 respectively and retailed for <abbr title="($182.24 in 2018 money)">$89.95</abbr> . The Game Boy has a Sharp LR35902 core CPU at 4.19 MHz. It had a monochrome display that could only show four shades of grey, albeit with a olive green tinge on the original. The Game Boy Color has a Sharp uses the same LR35902 core CPU as the original, albeit clocked at 8.38 MHz, though it can be underclocked to 4.19 MHz and 8.38 MHzfor backwards-compatibility purposes. It was named such from its color screen, but it also had a larger memory size and a double-clocked faster CPU. The hardware similarities allow cross-compatibility between the two platforms and they are often treated as one. They would both be succeeded by the backward-compatible [[Game Boy Advance emulators|Game Boy Advance]].
Nintendo re-released the console as the '''Game Boy Pocket''' in 1996, with a more compact body and a better screen. A front light was added to a special edition of the Pocket in Japan called the '''Game Boy Light''', a feature that wouldn't be seen outside of Japan until the Game Boy Advance SP.

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