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Apple II Line

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|title = Apple ][
|logo = AppleIIwithdd.png
|image imagecaption = Apple ][<br>Other models: [[:File:A2p.png|image2 = Apple ][+]], [[:File:Apple IIe 001b.jpg|image3 = Apple //e]], [[:File:Apple IIc with monitor.jpg|image4 = Apple IIc]], [[:File:A2e.png|image5 = Apple //e Enhanced]], [[:File:A2plat.png|image6 = Apple //e Platinum]], [[:File:Apple IIc Plus (front).jpg|imagecaption = '''In order, from top to bottom:''' Apple IIc Plus][, Apple ][+, Apple //e, Apple IIc, Apple //e Enhanced, Apple //e Platinum, Apple IIc Plus.
|developer = Apple Computer, Inc.
|type = [[:Category:Computers|Computers]]
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