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Wii emulators

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Wi-Fi Connection
===Wi-Fi Connection===
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This was the first Nintendo console to make online a standard feature. The service was discontinued May 20, 2014 for most games.<ref></ref> HoweverDragon Quest X was discontinued November 2017, custom and the Wii Shop Channel will be in 2019. Online emulation improved enough to cover these while they were still functional. A Wii NAND is required and there are some restrictions on what controllers are allowed. Custom servers for some of the more popular games exist using thanks to the [ Wiimmfi], but most popular titles are restoredproject. However, it is greatly recommended to use a Wii instead, since you require a NAND from a real Wii to connect, and if you some popular servers ban emulator users who drop any frames at all while in anything online (isince it can give some unfair competitive advantages.e a Mario Kart Wii race), '''you will There are various No-Intro sets that include DLC data for the games that used to have it that can be banned''', along with the Wii's NANDinstalled.
===DS Connectivity===

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