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An interactive kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialized hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education[1]. Usually used for employing custom kiosk software designed to function while preventing users from accessing system functions[2].

Home Consoles[edit]


Gamecube Kiosk.jpg
Interactive Multi-Game Demo Discs

Stores with GCN kiosks get new demo discs periodically from Nintendo. The old discs are supposed to go back to Nintendo, but you can find them on eBay, of course.[3]

Nintendo Wii[edit]

Starlight Fun Center

The Starlight Fun Centers (Fun Centres in the UK) are a series of units made by the Starlight Children's Foundation in cooperation with Nintendo to distribute Nintendo game consoles for use in hospitals. Starlight units exist for Nintendo consoles from the SNES to the Nintendo Switch, although most of these are simply retail consoles in a special case with a TV attached; the Wii Fun Center is unique for using a special Wii console with a hard drive in place of an optical disc drive (similar to the RVT-H Reader), as well as using a special game loading menu.[4]

  • Dolphin: Wii Fun Center frontend is works but loading games doesn't work and just sends you back to the Wii menu (probably due to disc drive replaced with a drive emulator board which connects to an IDE hard drive and trying to load games from there).

Xbox 360[edit]

Xbox 360 Retail Kiosk.jpg
Xbox 360 Experience Discs

Kiosk discs for the Xbox 360 are called The Experience Discs, and are numbered x.x. It is currently unknown how the numbering system works. Each disc contains demos, videos and even content you can save to your own Xbox 360 memory card for new and upcoming games. These kiosks were only available at game stores and participating retailers.[5]