Gambatte Compatibility List

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Playable - Game is playable with little to no glitches.
Working/Playable - Game is playable, but bugs may interfere with gameplay.
Unplayable - Game is unplayable

Game list[edit]

Game title (Region) Version Notes
Game Boy Camera (U) ?? Error Message. Unplayable
Game Boy Controller Kensa Cartridge (U) ?? Works
Mario Golf (U) ?? Works
Megaman (U) ?? Works
Mr. Driller (U) ?? Works
Ms. Pac-Man (U) ?? Works
Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition (U) ?? Works
Pac-Attack (U) ?? Works
Pac-In-Time (U) ?? Works
Pac-Man (U) ?? Works
Pac-Man Special Color Edition (U) ?? Pac-Man: Full Speed. Good Audio. Very Playable. Pac-Attack: Full Speed. The Audio has some noise and stuttering. Working.
Super Mario Land (U) ?? Works
Super Mario Land 2 (U) ?? Works