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Rockbox is a open-source replacement firmware for media players (digital music players). With work on Rockbox beginning in late 2001 with a first release in mid 2002.

Icon RockBox.png
Developer The Rockbox Project
Type Firmware

Due to Rockbox targeting music players most of its software and features are music/audio focused. Though Rockbox supports the use Plug-ins which many are emulators or Game engine recreations and source ports.

Plugins are included when installing Rockbox for a supported system, though the ROMs need to be transferred when using the emulators.

For a full list of compatible devices see:


Name Emulated system
PluginZXBox ZX Spectrum
PluginRockboy Gameboy
CHIP-8 PluginChip8

Source ports[edit]

Name Game name
PluginWolf3D Wolfenstein 3-D
PluginQuake Quake
PluginDuke3D Duke Nukem 3-D
PluginDoom Doom