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Developer(s) Wally, z2442
Latest version 1.1.8 [+]
Active Partial
Platform(s) PSP
Emulates Nintendo 64
Programmed in C++
License GPL 2.0
Source code GitHub

DaedalusX64 is an open-source Nintendo 64 emulator for PlayStation Portable, macOS, and Linux. It supports most games and has high accuracy.


Daedalus is an established open-source Nintendo 64 emulator for Windows and PSP, famed especially for its fast performance on low-end MIPS CPU host hardware. As this project hasn't been touched for some time, some of us have gotten together and started work on reviving this little community mostly focusing on the PSP to start with and then moving to other platforms.

Daedalus created in 2006 by a certain StrmnNmrn , then taken over in 2008 by a team of developers until 2014, the Nintendo 64 emulator for PlayStation Portable.


  • Fast emulation
  • High compatibility with PSP
  • Support for PSP TV Mode with 480p output!
  • Support PlayStation Vita via Adrenaline
  • Active support and updates
  • Lots of experimental optimizations
  • Some stutters and Average compatibility other ports

And many more!


To install DaedalusX64 on your PSP, download the latest release from the releases page: Latest

Next, plug your PSP into your computer and navigate to /PSP/GAME/. Create a folder called "daedalus" there, and place the EBOOT.PBP file inside. Place your ROM files in daedalus/Roms/ and they will automatically appear in Daedalus.

Note: If the release is a ZIP file with a folder containing an EBOOT.PBP file when extracted, simply drag and drop the extracted folder into /PSP/GAME/.


PSP macOS Linux Artifacts builds
Nintendo 3DS 1.0(Inactive)
Vita 0.6(Inactive)
PlayStation 2 PS2 portbuild 1(Inactive)

Compatibility List[edit]

DaedalusX64 Vita Compatibility list

DaedalusX64 3DS Compatibility list
Unofficial list

DaedalusX64 PSP Compatibility list

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