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Developer(s) kreationz, salvy6735, Corn, Chilly Willy, Wally, z2442, mrneo240, TheMrIron2
Latest version 1.1.8
Active Yes
Platform(s) PSP, Vita, 3DS, PS2, Linux
Emulates Nintendo 64
Website GitHub
Programmed in C++
License GPL 2.0
Source code GitHub

DaedalusX64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for PlayStation Portable. Written in C++. It supports most games and has high compatibility.


DaedalusX64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator for Linux, PSP, Vita, 3DS and PS2. The PSP port is noteworthy for being the fastest N64 emulator ever on the platform, achieving close to or even full speed in many titles.

Features :

  • Fast emulation
  • High compatibility
  • Support for PSP TV Mode with 480p output!
  • Active support and updates
  • Lots of experimental optimizations
  • Some stutters, Average compatibility Other Port
  • And more!


PSP 1.1.8
Nintendo 3DS 0.2 Beta
Vita 0.6
PlayStation 2 PS2 portbuild 1

Compatibility List[edit]

DaedalusX64 Vita Compatibility list

DaedalusX64 3DS Compatibility listUnofficial list

DaedalusX64 PSP Compatibility list

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