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The PlayStation (known shorthand as PS1 or PSX) is a video games console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc in 1994. It is the first major console to use compact discs (CDs), as well as being relatively easy to program for compared to others at the time.



Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Active Recommended?
ePSXe Windows, Android 1.8.0 (Windows), 1.9.4 (Android)
PCSX-R Windows, Linux, Mac OS X SVN
XEBRA Windows 04/25/2011 Build
Mednafen Multiplatform 0.9.28-WIP
pSX Windows, Linux 1.13
RetroArch (Mednafen) Multiplatform 0.99


PSXfin is outdated and development stopped. It would be the best if it was actively developed. It has a lot of compatibility issues.

ePSXe is also outdated, and since it's closed source it gets only updates from the main devs. It gets a few minor updates once every few years.

PCSX-R is actively developed and open source. It has a widescreen hack, fewer glitches, and support for superior plugins, such as lilypad. It's basically ePSXe, as it uses the same plugins, but more advanced and better. No reason to not use it over ePSXe.

Mednafen psx >After 0928 update basically every game seems to work in it >High compatibility (please tell me if a game can't owrk in it, honestly curious) >2.0 dualcore intel needed. >No plugins, native resolution only

Whether Mednafen or PCSX-R is best if up to personal preference.

Emulation issues:

Z buffer

The PS1 hardware didn't have a z-buffer. That means that PS1 games will have texture and polygon glitches, especially if you increase the internal resolution. The GTE Accuracy option can fix this, but it can cause other issues as well.