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Developer(s) ARDI
Last version 2.1.17
Active No
Platform(s) DOS
Emulates Classic Mac OS (System 1-6)
Website (Archived link)
License MIT License
Source code GitHub

ARDI Executor was a compatibility layer for the Mac OS up to System 6, as well as a CPU emulator on non-68k systems. The source code is available on GitHub for both the main executable and the 68k emulator. Unlike other emulators such as Basilisk or Mini vMac, Executor requires no startup ROM images or other Apple copyrighted file, and instead translates Macintosh API calls into equivalent Win32 or POSIX API calls similar to Wine.

Executor also comes with a GUI known as Browser. Browser attempts to somewhat mimic the classic Mac OS desktop and the Finder application without having features such as the trash can or Mac OS control panels. The default Apple menu also does not exist in Browser but is replaced with a rough equivalent; running Mac applications will have Apple menu functions available. Executor does not have support for networking of any type, including AppleTalk support. Executor also lacks the ability to run components (such as extensions or control panels) that are highly integrated with classic Mac OS versions. Due to this and other limitations, compatibility issues with certain applications and games exist.

Executor has since been discontinued by its lead developer, Cliff Matthews, who has moved on to other projects and later released serial numbers for the emulator, and eventually the source code on GitHub. This serial number will not expire: serial 99991004, authentication n9rk57f369byp.