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An Amiibo is a small handheld object produced by Nintendo, which stores and relays various information for related video games via near field communication (NFC). These often take form of a figurine or card and can be used to customize your character in game or add content to compatible Nintendo 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Switch games.

Commercial Emulators

n2elite A little puck sold that uses the "amiiqo emulator" storing and transferring data to official Nintendo consoles.

Related Console Emulators
Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Amiibo Support
Wii U
Cemu Windows 1.15.17
Decaf Windows, Linux Git
Nintendo Switch
yuzu Windows, macOS, Linux Nightly
Ryujinx Windows Git
Nintendo 3DS
Citra Windows, OS X, Linux Nightly
3dmoo Windows, Linux Git
TronDS Windows, Linux

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