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Color TV-Game
Developer Nintendo R&D2
Mitsubishi Electronics
Type Home video game console
Generation Second generation
Release date 1977
Discontinued 1983
Successor Family Computer / Nintendo Entertainment System

The Color TV-Game is the first video game system ever made by Nintendo. The system was released as a series of five dedicated home video game consoles between 1977 and 1980 in Japan only. Nintendo sold three million units of the first four models: one million units of each of the first two models, Color TV-Game 6 and 15; and half a million units of each of the next two models, Block Breaker and Racing 112. The Color TV-Game series has the highest sales figures of all the first generation of video game consoles.


Name Platform(s) Latest version libretro Accuracy FLOSS Active Recommended
Pong Consoles Simulation Windows git Cycle ~
Pong Consoles Simulation

This is currently the only emulator for the Color TV-Game series. It only supports the Color TV-Game 6 and the Color TV-Game 15. It began as a project by Reddit user Tommy_SVK and was released on February 16, 2021.

MAME Support[edit]

Model Year Pong Consoles Simulation support ROMs Emulators / Description
Color TV-Game 6 1977 Yes
Color TV-Game 15 1978 Yes
Color TV Racing 112 1978 No
Color TV Block Kusure 1979 No
Computer TV Game 1980 No

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