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The Sony PocketStation
PocketStation is a memory card peripheral made by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation that was released in Japan in 1999. Software for the PocketStation was typically distributed as PlayStation CD-ROM extras, enhancing the games with added features. Stand-alone software could also be downloaded through the PlayStation console. The software is then transferred to the PocketStation for use. A built-in infrared data interface allows direct transfer of data such as game saves between PocketStation units, as well as multiplayer gaming. 60 games in total were compatible with the PocketStation.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Accuracy Active Recommended
MAME Multi-platform 0.196 ?
PK201 Windows, Android 16/01/20 Build ?
PKEmu Windows 1.1 Private Beta ?

Emulation issues[edit]

Missing retail kernel dumps[edit]

According to nocash there are two known versions of the PocketStation kernel:

Version CRC32 Recommended
061 5FB47DD8
110 09881F33
Distributed with PKEmu as kernel.bin and is also what MAME uses.[1] It's thought to be from prototype hardware, which would explain its incompatibility with certain games regardless of the emulator used.
Also called "J110", this is the BIOS used for all retail PocketStations and should provide compatibility for all software on any emulator. DrHell recommends dumping it yourself using the PocketStation BIOS Tool by Orion_. Unfortunately, no kernel dump of this version has surfaced online.


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