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Developer(s) Microsoft
Latest version Patch based
Active Yes
Platform(s) Xbox One
Xbox Series X/S
Emulates Xbox
Xbox 360

Codename Fission is the official Xbox and Xbox 360 emulator made by Microsoft to allow for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


Its development was announced in June 2015 and the first batch of games were released on November 12. It was originally released as an Xbox 360 only emulator, but original Xbox emulation was later added in 2017 due to popular demand. The latest batch of games were added to the emulator on June 10, 2019, as Microsoft announced they were focusing on Xbox One game emulation for the Xbox Series X/S[1]. It supports 477 Xbox 360 games and 42 original Xbox games[2].

Backwards compatible games can be purchased or downloaded through the Microsoft store, or inserted via the disc drive. Unlike the previous Fusion emulator for the 360, games do not run directly from the disc, and the Xbox One or Series X/S must be connected to the internet for DRM purposes. When a disc is inserted, a prompt saying an update is required to start the game will appear, accepting the prompt will download a repackaged version of the game to fit the Xbox One or Series X/S format.

Several original Xbox and Xbox 360 games are enhanced for the Xbox One X. The enhancements include improved graphics, new visual effects, higher framerates, and upgraded resolutions up to 4K[3].

Two select original Xbox games do not download as the original versions when their discs are inserted. Battlefield 2: Modern Combat and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will instead download as the 360 versions of these games.