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Development Kits are used for


Home consoles[edit]


Xbox Development Kit
Xbox Development Kit.jpg
Developer Microsoft
Type Home video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Release date ?
Emulated ~

Various development kits used for Xbox consoles. placeholder text

XboxDevWiki: Xbox Development Kits
Xbox Fandom: Xbox Development Kit (XDK)
Xbox Fandom: Xbox Alpha Tower I
Xbox Fandom: Xbox Alpha Tower II

You can use some of the Xbox emulators for using some of the Development Kits features such as using 128MB RAM. placeholder text

Xbox 360[edit]

Apple Fandom: Alpha Xenon Development Kits (XeDK)
Xbox Fandom: Xbox 360 Development Kit


retroreversing: Official PlayStation 1 Development Kit

PlayStation 2[edit]

DTL-T10000H and DTL-H3000E models.[1]

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