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Hardware Comparison[edit]

Found this analysis (Edited) on August 6, 2018 from LukeUsher, lead programmer of the Xbox emulator Cxbx-Reloaded on the 'Original Xbox Emulation' Discord scene (Click on the Pinned Messages icon at the top bar in the '# xbox-emu-general' room to see it):

The hardware of the Xbox, Gamecube and PlayStation 2 are different hardware/architectures, each having their own benefits and drawbacks. There's not a huge power difference between PS2, GameCube and Xbox once you start to consider the features they have.

Example: The GameCube has insanely fast memory bandwidth compared to other consoles, the PS2 has the fully programmable Vector units, Xbox has actual Pixel and Vertex Shaders.

You can achieve the same/similar results on all consoles with different techniques: The PS2 Vector Units are fully programmable, which is comparable to Vertex Shaders on Xbox

GameCube has the TEV units, which while not fully programmable, can be used for the same effects as Pixel Shaders. GameCube's TEV may actually be much more complex/fully featured than the OG Xbox's pixel combiners, Xbox has higher CPU speed, but the fact that it's CISC vs RISC, and less efficient, they all probably level out quite nicely :P

Xbox is by far the easiest to program for though, followed by GameCube with PS2 being hardest.