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   Has incomplete support but is much easier to control"

Easier to control than WHAT? I have literally never seen anything that is harder to work with than THIS.

WHY can't the emulator just work? I have tried around for HOURS with this thing. Copy this to that folder, than that to that folder, copy another 20 different things to different locations, then find this, then find that, then setup this, then setup that, then put the game into /roms and you are good to go! Except you aren't! Literally everybody says this is the most complicated thing ever. The most optimistic guy i found said "setting up a game takes around 40 minutes, but it gets easier after the first time!" THIS IS INSANE! WHY make it so complicated? Just put the right stuff into the right folders BEFORE it is uploaded, not upload it, and then tell people nothing about the 500 steps they need to follow to get this thing running!

TBH, I honestly think you're just being retarded. I literally just compile MAME, run it with the -cc option to generate a fresh INI, paste whichever ROM directory/directories I wish to use into the rompath field, copy the roms into one of those folders, and it JUST WORKS. I have literally NEVER had a problem with using MAME that wasn't just me being stupid about something. You're either exaggerating the unholy shit out of your experience, or you're outright lying. Pick one.

Apparently there is unreleased CD-i emulator 0.5.3 beta 5 with most FMV games working, compatibility here:

// Jpx (talk) 14:35, 10 December 2019 (CET)

Found this blog that has up to date descriptions about development: -Jpx (talk) 09:12, 28 October 2020 (UTC)