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Xbox One emulators

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|release = 2013
|predecessor = [[Xbox 360 emulators|Xbox 360]]
|successor = [[Xbox Series X and Series S|Xbox Series X/S]]
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 The '''[[Wikipedia:Xbox One|Xbox One]]''' is an eighth-generation home video game console produced by Microsoft on November 22, 2013 and was retailed for <abbr title="$539.61 in 2018 money">${{inflation|USD|499</abbr>|2013}}. It had an AMD 8-core APU at 1.75 GHz and 8GB of RAM. It has an AMD GPU on the AMD Radeon GCN architecture. Early in its life, it was heavily criticized for intrusive [[wikipedia:Digital rights management|DRM]], such as always-online and lack of used game sharing. These have since been removed. Notably, this console runs on the [[wikipedia:x86|x86]] architecture with a modified Windows OS, so it is essentially a watered-down PC.
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===Emulation issues===
Despite this console using the same architecture as PCs, it is not any easier to emulate than other consoles as the architecture used is complex and uses undocumented hardware. We have no way to know for sure because the console is not even hacked yet to a degree that people can look and test stuff and tell for sure, let alone for a full emulator to be written. In February 2019, there was a rumor It should be noted that Microsoft was testing with the idea vast majority of native Xbox One support for Windows 10, meaning people could buy and play Xbox One games without the need of having the actual console given your computer is powerful enough to handle it. It was speculated to appear sometime in the April 2019 update, but has yet to be released with no direct evidence to confirm or deny the possibility of it being in a later updateare also available on PC.
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