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PlayStation Portable emulators

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;[[PPSSPP]]:Released in November of 2012. Compatibility is now higher than [[JPCSP]] and games runs significantly faster due to its programming in C++. The emulator is currently capable of playing the vast majority of the PSP library, with more than 1000 games that can be played from start to finish.<ref>[ PPSSPP compat thread] (First posted 03-10-2013. Last updated 02-22-2018.]</ref>PPSSPP has a Retroarch core that hasn't been updated for a while : using the standalone emulator might be preferred.
;[[JPCSP]]:Requires the Java Runtime Environment to be installed, which has a history of security issues. Because it uses Java, it is also much slower than [[PPSSPP]]. JPCSP was built around debugging and was never really meant to be a standard emulator. They made it so they could understand the PSP's inner workings better. And thanks to the JPCSP team, and other PSP homebrew teams, PPSSPP is developing at breakneck speeds. Both teams communicate a lot and contribute with each other. It is only recommended to use JPCSP if the game does not work in PPSSPP.
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