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{{Infobox software
{{Infobox software
|logo = RJ_Logo.png
|logo = RJ_Logo.png
|version = ßv0.99j "Jinx"
|version = ßv0.99x
|active = Yes
|active = Yes
|platform = Windows
|platform = Windows

Latest revision as of 01:58, 11 April 2019

RJ Logo.png
Developer(s) romjacket
Latest version ßv0.99x
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Type File utility
Source code GitHub

RoM-Jacket is the author of skeletonKey



skeletonKey is both a launcher and backend configuration tool.


*   A comprehensive, easy to use & compact GUI
*   Drag & Drop ROMs to launch & create playlists.
*   Leverages internet ROM repositories for Netplay automation
*   Global and granular control over libraires of ROMs.
*   Deploy a gaming environment to a portable device such as a flash-drive.
*   Convert ROMs to a Windows executable
*   Download, install & setup HTPC frontends, emulators and joystick mapping programs.


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