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The LaserActive is a converged device and fourth-generation capable of playing Laserdiscs, Compact Discs, console games, and LD-G karaoke discs. It was released by Pioneer Corporation in 1993. In addition to LaserActive games, separately sold add-on modules (called "PACs" by Pioneer) accepts Mega Drive/Sega Genesis and PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 ROM cartridges and CD-ROMs.

Pioneer released the LaserActive model CLD-A100 in Japan on August 20, 1993 at a cost of ¥89,800, and in the United States on September 13, 1993 at a cost of $970. NEC later released a cloned version of the system, the NEC PDE-LD1, which also accepted Pioneer's PAC modules. the LaserActive was a list of commercial failure.


Currently there are no emulators for LaserActive games.

The LaserActive Project wishes to document all LaserActive media. On their FAQ page, they have this to say about the possibility of creating a LaserActive emulator:

Emulation of the LaserActive, if attempted at all, would be an incredibly difficult task – due to the hybrid nature of the system’s hardware (utilizing Sega/NEC hardware in synchronization with the unique LD player hardware) and the analog-digital composite image (analog video background, digital in-game graphics generated by said Sega/NEC hardware)[1]

Emulation Developer Nemesis has made an effort to dump the games for the system (except for porn games). [2] Copies of the games will be sent to him and then sent back.[2]

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