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Developer(s) Omar Cornut "Bock"
Latest version 0.8-alpha (2023-08-26) [+]
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Emulates Sega SG-1000
Sega SC-3000
Sega SF-7000
Sega Master System
Sega Game Gear
Othello Multivision
Support ($) PayPal
License Source-available
Source code GitHub

MEKA is an emulator of 8-bit Sega systems and similar hardware including Colecovision, and comes with debugging/hacking tools.


Windows Latest Dev builds

Windows Linux MS-DOS Older versions


MEKA was started in 1998 and first released on April 3rd 1999. In spite of its old age and very clunky technology, MEKA is among the most exhaustive Sega 8-bit emulator in term of coverage of obscure games and peripherals. It also provides competent debugging and reverse engineering tools. It is still maintained for those purposes but doesn't have much use for the average player.


According to the emulator's official website, MEKA is dedicated to a game that is Monster World II, or so called Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap in Western countries. Originally released on the Master System in 1989, the game was also adapted to the Game Gear in 1992. MEKA is the name of the first dragon you meet in the game and which gets you into that mess. Clearly, the passion the lead contributor of MEKA, Omar Cornut, has for the Wonder Boy series shone through.

In 2017, the lead author, Omar C., directed and shared main programming duties on the 2017 remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.[1]


  • GitHub readme file (The compat.txt document under the MEKA folder on GitHub shows that the emulator has 95% to 100% compatibility with the emulated Sega systems and Othello Multivision. However, Colecovision's coverage is spotty.)

The following machines are supported by MEKA:

  • Sega Game 1000 (SG-1000)
  • Sega Computer 3000 (SC-3000)
  • Sega Super Control Station (SF-7000)
  • Sega Mark III (+ FM Unit. Mark III is the Japanese version that was released overseas as the SMS.)
  • Sega Master System (SMS)
  • Sega Game Gear (GG)
  • ColecoVision (COLECO)
  • Othello Multivision (OMV)

External links[edit]

  • Wonder Boy 2017 remake's official website