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Fightcade is an online service that facilitates netplay sessions of classic video games. It mainly does this using a middleware called GGPO, which originally had its own service to fulfill the same goal. However, GGPO's service was discontinued as it was mainly used as a proof of concept; Fightcade is considered to be the successor. While Fightcade is primarily designed for fighting games, it has been said to work with any game that runs under one of its many emulator cores.

Emulator cores[edit]

Name Fork of Active Netcode
Fightcade FBNeo FinalBurn Neo GGPO
Fightcade FBA FinalBurn Alpha GGPO
Fightcade SNES9X Snes9x GGPO
Flycast Dojo (Flycast道場) Flycast GGPO
NullDC NullDC Delay-based

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