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Developer(s) Microsoft
Latest version 1.7
Active No
Platform(s) Xbox 360
Emulates Xbox
Website Xbox.com

FU, known as Fusion internally, is the Xbox emulator created for the Xbox 360 by Microsoft.[1] Development started sometime before 2005, and ended around November 2007. The emulator is designed to work with 476 games.[2]


Filename Filetime Version Notes
xefu.xex 2005/11/15 22:10:48 Fusion
xefu2.xex 2006/02/07 17:50:22 Fusion2
xefu3.xex 2006/03/30 18:37:01 xefu-mar06
xefu5.xex 2006/09/30 17:56:51 xefu-1.5 Includes title .xex
xefu1_1.xex 2006/10/19 13:19:49 xefu-1.1
xefu6.xex 2006/12/11 14:02:16 xefu-1.6 Includes title .xex
xefu7.xex 2007/11/26 13:07:03 xefu-1.7 Includes title .xex
xefu7b.xex 2007/11/26 13:07:03 xefu-1.7 Includes title .xex