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Save converters can change a save from one format to another. Emulators can sometimes use a different file format.

PlayStation 1[edit]

PlayStation 1<->PlayStation Portable[edit]

  • PS1<->PSP Save Converter - Converts PS1 (.mcr) to PSP's PS1 (.vmp) save format and vice versa.
  • vita-mcr2vmp - signs PSOne MCR files to create VMP files for use with Sony Vita/PSP and exports MCR files from VMP

PlayStation 2[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

  • gbaconv Converts GBA battery saves between VBA-M and the VBA-Next core of RetroArch. Note that most games will work without conversion, but some may break entirely without converting (e.g. Ninja Five-O).

Nintendo DS[edit]

Nintendo 64[edit]

  • pj64tosrm (windows binaries here) converts eep, mpk, fla and sra files to libretro-mupen64plus srm files. Just drag the files onto the executable and an srm file should be generated on the same folder the input files came from. You can also drop a libretro-mupen64plus srm file on the tool to extract the original files. DexDrive and Adaptoid64 saves are not supported yet.
  • It is possible to use 512-byte eep files with libretro-mupen64+ simply by renaming the file to srm, but reversing the operation requires pj64tosrm. Bigger eep files require pj64tosrm due to a mistake during the implementation of srm support in the early days of the mupen64+ port to the libretro API.