DualShock 3

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The standard PlayStation 3 controller. It has a very good D-pad which is something that's hard to find nowadays. Very useful for emulating older consoles.


  • Very good D-pad
  • 10-bit precision analog sticks, pressure sensitive buttons
  • Wired or wireless modes with a Bluetooth adapter

Using on a PC[edit]

Previous DualShock controllers required a special adapter to work. However, the DualShock 3 can connect to a PC via USB without an adapter and all it requires to work is some extra software.


Use the new SCP Driver Package. Do not use MalwareohJoy if you can.


On Linux, QtSixA is available but xboxdrv is a much more active project, although it doesn't include a GUI; use it if you run into problems.


The controller is detected but input doesn't work[edit]

Try the following steps:

  1. Close the emulator and stop
  2. Close the DS3 software
  3. Disconnect your controller and wait for its LEDs to turn off or begin blinking slowly
  4. Connect it back and press the PS button, the LEDs will probably blink very fast
  5. Run the DS3 software
  6. Run the emulator