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Emulation issues[edit]

I copied over the programming section from Wikipedia.

The reasons why its hard to program for are the same for why it's hard to make emulators for. So we can just take this and edit it to our needs. -- 12:27, 8 March 2014 (EST)

Q2) Is it OK for a ST-V (Saturn Arcade hardware) page to be created with a compat chart? Other sites with compat info are all over the place. It'd mimic the Sega Model 2-3 pages recently added here. It'd include status ticks/crosses for MAME, Nova, SSF and Satourne along with availability of Saturn ports (I don't know about SSF and Satourne's ST-V compatibility yet. Others can test.).

Regards, ObiKKa (17-18/06/2018)

Pros & cons[edit]

Look at these Reddit threads:

Well, looks like several different SS emulators have their own problems and just a few are good but it's complex right now.

Some say that Kronos has been getting worse since v1.20. The sole dev, FCare, has removed resolution scaling (someone said internal resolution option is still in maybe) and some other things. One regular tester says only good thing about it is addition of the ST-V arcade support & separation of sound count being linked to each framerate. It also has very poor input lag (Which MEDNAFEN generally tackles well).

Many unanimously say that MEDNAFEN, thankfully, is the most compatible SS emu by far, besides (closed-source SSF) but the latter probably worsened over time with some issues. I also see that SSF hardly get any substantial update lately. BTW, MEDNAFEN's team is probably not on good friendly terms with libretro's devs (perhaps understandable as they didn't want libretro's PSX Beetle core to be too similar to MEDNAFEN's own and infringe on their reputation). It's easy enough to boot up MEDNAFEN with a frontend developer but menu options may be limited. Also, MEDNAFEN lack hardware acceleration for its SS core and perhaps all of its other cores. So that's one fairly strong negative against it & the reason why many are eager to see a good open-source SS emu that includes that feature.

Nova is progressing well but it's closed source and being built by one developer, so that's not an overall good scenario. However, I think it'll be a decent emu like inolen's own Redream emu for the DC.

So, right now, the SS emulation field looks to be a pretty big mess (MEDNAFEN aside). I'd gather that in the near future, the og Xbox emulation collection and PS2 scene (Play! emu that tries to be different from PCSX2 but really slow development) will mature better more than any open-source SS emulator ever will (with exception of MEDNAFEN, of course). And that's really sad, as it's from a very old generation, before 2000. But I guess that the SS was the most complex piece of architecture before the PS3 came around. ObiKKa (talk) 04:25, 25 December 2018 (EST)