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PBPs/EBOOTs in Retroarch[edit]

With this guide as a basis, I converted some of my PS1 games to the EBOOT format so that I could save some space. I could load them just fine on PSCX-ReARMed on my phone's RetroArch, but not in Mednafen in RetroArch on Windows (or on Android, after I double-checked). Maybe they work with standalone Mednafen, but they certainly don't work in RetroArch's Mednafen PSX core!

Also, someone might want to add a section about support for standard archive formats (.zip, .rar, .7z and the like) in RetroArch and other emulators to this article, because it seems like a basic kind of space saving that's been overlooked here, but also has inconsistent format across emulators. (The way it's handled in RetroArch seems confusing, between 'load as file' and 'load as folder'. -- 00:24, 30 October 2015 (EDT)


The developer of the NKIT format has effectively recommended against the use of it, as they are working on a re-release of their program but with the ability to generate NKIT files removed. This is due in favor of the RVZ format that was created by Dolphin. NKIT may still have better compression when separating the Recovery and Update partitions, but with the developer deprecating the creation of the file format, it stands to reason this compression won't be usable in the near future.

Further information is provided here: