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Developer(s) romjacket
Latest version ßv0.99j "Jinx"
Active Yes
Platform(s) Windows
Type File utility
Source code GitHub

RoM-Jacket is an open-source Windows ROM and emulator utility suite. It packages ROMs as batch executables bundled with assets and per-game configuration files for ease of use across several different supported frontends, in addition to streamlining emulator installation and setup.



RoM-Jacket can automatically setup HTPC frontends, emulators and joysticks.

The the aim of RoM-Jacket is to unify the interface for emulators and frontends to maintain consistency in a HTPC gaming library. Each ROM is grouped with associated assets inside a folder called a Jacket. A batch script launcher and configuration files are then created for each ROM. The result is a library in which titles are highly portable, self-contained, executable directly from Windows and and easily integrated into any frontend setup.


  • Package ROMs as portable executables
  • Robust emulator[1] and frontend[2] support
  • Full HD backgrounds, high quality photographic icons and banners for all supported systems
  • Simple wizards
  • Drag-and-drop ROM sorting
  • Intelligent BIOS & ROM cataloging
  • Torrent, magnet and URL support
  • Command-line interface for custom emulator configuration
  • Xbox 360 & DS3/4 joystick support
  • Artwork migration tools
  • Mirror saves and save states to the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
  • Open-source and free


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