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Developer(s) The_Author and DynaChicken (Original)
Richter Belmont, SMF (Latest authors)
Latest version 1.1
Active No
Platform(s) Windows
Linux (Port)
Emulates Sony ZN-1
Sony ZN-2
Namco System 11
Website emuhype.com (Archived)

ZiNc is a closed-source emulator for three arcade hardware systems based on Sony's PlayStation hardware. Its last release was in January 2005.


Windows Linux Latest builds and extras
Includes all plugins and frontends

List of emulated systems

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ZiNc is a command-line Windows emulator for arcade hardware based on Sony PlayStation hardware. These hardware systems include Sony ZiNc (ZN1 & ZN2) and Namco System 11. These games are also supported in MAME, but ZiNc can frequently run them faster and with graphics and sound enhancements. The last version of ZiNc from original authors named 'Duddie' (Marcin Dudar; aka TheD / The Author) and 'Tratax' (DynaChicken) was v0.9; after that, they went on to create GCEmu (a Nintendo GameCube emulator) and R.Belmont / SMF took over ZiNc development. The source code was lost and it thus will never receive any further updates.

The latest version of the emulator is 1.1 (x86), released on 2005-01-25. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10; and you can start this emulator with ZiNc.exe.

Please note: This emulator needs BIOS image(s) to start ROM files!
  • Compatibility Lists:


Game ZiNc MAME Hardware PlayStation Port
Star Gladiator Episode I: Final Crusade Capcom Sony ZN-1
Street Fighter EX Capcom Sony ZN-1 ~*
Street Fighter EX Plus Capcom Sony ZN-1
Street Fighter EX2 Capcom Sony ZN-2 ~*
Street Fighter EX2 Plus Capcom Sony ZN-2
Star Gladiator 2: Nightmare of Bilstein Capcom Sony ZN-2 Dreamcast
Rival Schools: United By Fate Capcom Sony ZN-2 ✓, PSN
Strider Hiryu 2 Capcom Sony ZN-2 ✓, PSN
Tech Romancer Capcom Sony ZN-2 Dreamcast
Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Capcom Sony ZN-1 ✓, Windows 95, Saturn
Tetris The Grand Master Capcom Sony ZN-2 ~ Has ROM Hack ZN-2 to PSX conversion, PS4, Switch
Sonic Wings Limited Video System PSX ✓, Saturn, PSN, Android
Bloody Roar (Beastorizer) PS Arcade 95 ✓, PSN
Bloody Roar 2 PS Arcade 95 ✓, PSN
Brave Blade Tecmo TPS System
Psychic Force Taito FX1-A
Magical Date EX Taito FX1-A
Ray Storm Taito FX1-B ✓, Saturn, Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, Android
Fighters' Impact Taito FX1-B
G-Darius Taito FX1-B ✓, Windows, PS2
Dancing Eyes Namco System 11
Xevious 3D/G Namco System 11
Star Sweep Namco System 11 ✓, Game Boy
Kosodate Quiz My Angel 3 Namco System 11
Tekken Namco System 11
Tekken 2 Namco System 11
Soul Edge Ver. II Namco System 11
Dunk Mania Namco System 11
Prime Goal EX Namco System 11
Wedding Rhapsody Konami GV System
Hyper Athlete Konami GV System ✓, PSN
Powerful Baseball 96 Konami GV System
Susume! Taisen Puzzle-Dama Konami GV System ✓, N64
Fighting Layer Namco System 12
Ehrgeiz Namco System 12 ✓, PSN
Tekken 3 Namco System 12
Mr Driller Namco System 12 ✓, Dreamcast, GBC, WonderSwan Color, Mobile phone
Aqua Rush Namco System 12
Paca Paca Passion Namco System 12 ✓, PS3, PSP, PS Vita
Gallop Racer 3 Tecmo TPS System
Shanghai Matekibuyuu Tecmo TPS System
Cool Boarders Arcade Jam Tecmo TPS System
Dead or Alive++ Tecmo TPS System ~**
Tondemo Crisis (Incredible Crisis) Tecmo TPS System
Monster Farm Jump Tecmo TPS System
Heaven's Gate Atlus PSX

This games taken from game list generated by --list-games command to ZiNc executable, can be found here. Not included clones.

* Later versions ported to PlayStation with additional game modes.

** This arcade-only release used the Tecmo TPS System (Capcom Sony ZN-1 with custom bios) and, while graphically similar to the PlayStation port of Dead or Alive, plays more like Dead or Alive 2.


ZiNc attempted to provide the fullest possible emulation for each of these compatible games while also running on relatively low-spec PCs. However, there was no guarantee of perfect emulation for any of the games. Sound and/or music, in particular, may be incomplete or incorrect for certain types of games. Due to advances in emulation since the last ZiNc release, it is only recommended to use ZiNc over the latest MAME for performance reasons on ancient PCs or if MAME's included shaders are not sufficient to increase graphics quality.

ZiNc is not flexible enough to support games with analog controls. As a result, some games on supported hardware that you may have seen in MAME (such as Crypt Killer) are not included.

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