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The Bandai WonderSwan (SwanCrystal revision)

The WonderSwan is a handheld console produced by Bandai in 1999. It is the brainchild of Game Boy creator, Gunpei Yokoi. There were three versions eventually released: A black-and-white version, a color version, and a Crystal version with an improved screen.


Name Operating System(s) Latest Version Libretro Core Active WS WSC Recommended
Mednafen Multi-platform 1.27.1
higan Multi-platform [https://github.com/higan-emu/higan/releases Nightly]
BizHawk Windows 2.6.2
Cygne Windows 2.1a
MAME Multi-platform 0.232
Oswan Windows 1.7.3
Xe Windows, Linux 2.16.2