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Current version: 1.8.5
Active: Yes
OS: Unix
Authors: Alexandre Julliard, others
Official website:
Source code:

Wine (known recursively as Wine Is Not an Emulator) is an open-source compatibility layer for Unix-like systems (e.g. Linux, BSDs, and Mac OS X) to run programs originally created for Microsoft Windows. Originally created by Alexandre Julliard, it is now sponsored by corporate entity CodeWeavers, who use it as a base to create an enhanced, proprietary version, known as CrossOver.


Wine is especially useful for older Windows games, as compatibility with these is typically higher than if the same game were run on modern Windows versions.

Wine can also run some Windows program, including emulators. Compatibility may not be perfect however, and there can be various glitches introduced.


Binaries or PlayOnLinux (via repositories) for Linux distributions

WineBottler or PlayOnMac for Mac OS X


With some programs, official Windows DLL files are required. Most of these are available to download via the (usually) included script, winetricks. Compatibility lists for most programs can be found on the AppDB.

Games which use DirectX/Direct3D APIs later than 9.0 may not run at all on Wine, as support for DX10 and 11 are preliminary at best. Also, applications and games that use kernel-mode drivers e.g. for copy protection or anti-cheat middleware may and/or will not be supported on Wine due to the way they access low-level/ring 0 system functions, such as those Asian MMOs bundled with GameGuard.