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The Windows 9x series consisted of Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME. Playing Win95/98/ME games on a modern system can be difficult. There is no simple straightforward "emulator" for it, unlike DOS.


Main article: Wine

Wine is for Linux and OSX and allows WIndows applications to run on those systems. Support for Win95/98 programs is quite strong.


Main article: PCem
Main article: 86Box

PCem and 86Box are full retro x86 computer emulators, spanning from the original IBM 5150 to Pentium II PCs (with 86Box). Setting it up is much like building an actual retro computer, but in software, so expect it to be as difficult as setting up an actual retro PC. This means you're going to have to install Windows 95/98/ME along with all necessary drivers for the hardware you chose. This is also a great option if you want accurate 3DFX Voodoo emulation.

This is going to be the most accurate option for running Windows 95/98/ME games, even if it may be difficult to set up.


Main article: DOSBox

Windows 95 and 98 can be installed in DOSBox. Windows ME however cannot. How well do games play? No idea.

There has been interest in creating a spin off version of DOSBox that incorporates compatibility with Windows 95/98/ME. It would be called 9xbox. As of 02/09/13 it has not passed the theoretical stage and no work has been done.

Virtual machine

Win95/98 can be installed through a Virtual Machine. There is however no 3D accelleration.

Windows 7/8

Some Win95/98 applications can be run on these systems. However, support is very spotty. Selecting Windows 95 or Windows 98 in compatibility mode helps.